Enjoy Colorful Nights In Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the best places you should not ignore when traveling to Hanoi capital city. It is a great idea to walk around this place on the weekends and feel its bustling beauty.

Ta Hien Walking Street

Ta Hien is the ancient walking street situated near Sword Lake. On the weekends, no vehicles are legally available in this place. You can see some adjacent stores providing many services such as bar, food, drink, etc.

Local people give Ta Hien the name “Hanoi Western Street” since it attracts many foreign tourists. Moreover, you can take a seat at any stalls on this walking street to enjoy some tasty drink and street foods.

It is getting crowded at night, especially on the weekends. Enjoying the exciting music, drinking beer, eating fried fermented pork roll, fried potato, grilled cuttlefish and chatting with your friends bring many interesting experiences.

If you are a fan of bustling space, it is a great idea to visit some bars on Ta Hien Street. The DJs and musical bands’ performance can totally satisfy you.

Dong Xuan Night Market

Hang Dao - Dong Xuan is getting more crowded on the weekends. It is home to many stalls selling fashionable clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, fruits, and snacks.

Also, you can come to some artistic shops at the market’s corner and see local people draw the lively portraits. This used to be popular in the former periods when cameras were not available in Vietnam.

You should spend some minutes asking local artists to draw your own portraits.

Street Art

Hanoi Old Quarter usually takes place many interesting art activities. You can enjoy Ca Tru (an original art performance of academic character - has been preserved for the past 10 centuries) in the walking streets or visit Bach Ma Temple to see local artists perform Chau Van.

These traditional art performances will bring you back the old and marvelous time of Hanoi capital city. Especially, enjoying the traditional music such as xam, ca tru, chau van, etc. must be an interesting experience for those who are not the Hanoians.

When coming to Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, you will have a chance to experience the attractive street music performed by many young Hanoians.

Sword Lake

When the whole city is lit up, Sword Lake turns to a busy and crowded area with full of lights and decorations. The Huc Bridge is a unique architectural structure situated at the lake’s corner. It perfectly combines with Ngoc Son Temple to create the impressive landscape.

Walking around Sword Lake at night and immerse yourself in its bustling beauty is definitely your great choice.

Streets at Night

If you are interested in discovering another Hanoi’s aspect, you should walk around some small alleys in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Seeing the local people’s activities and visiting some street food vendors are likely your unforgettable experiences. Hanoi is not only a busy and crowded city, but it also brings many peaceful moments that help you relieve your stress.