Discover Night Market in Hanoi Old Quarter

For so long, Hanoi night market has contained the traditional culture of this capital city. Just take a few times to walk around Hanoi Old Quarter and visit this wonderful attraction, you can see a wide range of traditional products and special local food. They will definitely bring the most interesting experiences.


3 kilometers in length, Hanoi Old Quarter’s night bazaars lie along the walking street, very close to Sword Lake. It extends from Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market.

Hanoi night market opens from 6 p.m to 11 p.m on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Night market in Hanoi Old Quarter attracts both young Hanoians and foreign tourists since this bustling area contains the varied culture, from the former period to modern time.

Local people consider that the best time to walk around this capital city is the peaceful nights. It has such a bustling air with full of colorful lights. At that time, you can definitely enjoy Hanoi’s majestic beauty. If you want to discover Hanoi, there is nothing more wonderful than walking around its old streets, see locals’ peaceful life and enjoy the harmonious melodies.

Interesting Activities

When traveling to Hanoi Old Quarter on Saturday nights, you can enjoy the traditional music performed by local singers and musicians such as cheo, xam, quan ho or ca tru. This is a significant activity that makes foreign tourists understand more about Vietnamese artistic and cultural values. It is very attractive for those interested in the historic culture of Vietnam. Especially, you can see many elderly people in this place. They come to listen, enjoy and look back the former periods.

When the whole city is lit up, the trading activities in Hanoi night market become busy and bustling. This place contains nearly 4000 stalls that offer a wide range of traditional products. Therefore, you can easily find some sophisticated handicrafts, porcelain or pottery items produced in traditional craft villages.

Also, it is home to the beautiful ceramic furniture, traditional games, wooden equipment or colorful tapestries. These stalls will bring you back the old Hanoi since they keep many historic values. Therefore, many travelers come to this place for getting memorable experiences, rather than shopping.

Apart from traditional items, Hanoi night market also offers a lot of modern products such as fashionable accessories, clothes, shoes, toys, electronic equipment, etc. Therefore, both local and foreign tourists always consider this place as the best shopping attraction.

Vietnamese local cuisine in Hanoi night market is very abundant. There are lots of yummy dishes that are a perfect combination of Western and Asian culture. No matter where you come from, you can easily seek for your local dishes in Hanoi night market.

Hang Buom is one of the most attractive destinations you cannot ignore when visiting this place. It is such a busy area with a huge number of delicious foods. They can totally make you remember your peaceful childhood by many kinds of colorful candy, cake. You can choose some for your children, they will love it.