Best Street Food Markets in Hanoi

For the Hanoians and Vietnamese in generally, most street food stalls and local markets in Hanoi Old Quarter keep the unique and special features. You cannot find them in any luxurious restaurants. That is why there are many famous food markets in Hanoi that attract both locals and travelers. This article shows some wonderful destinations you cannot ignore when visiting this capital city.

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market is the oldest, most crowded and famous market in Hanoi capital city. It is the favorite destination that attracts not only local people, but also the foreign travelers. Although Dong Xuan Market is not very large, there are numerous adjacent food stalls you can visit. Its most famous food is snail rice noodle and kebab rice noodle. They have the great flavor coming from special ingredients and unique recipes.

Originated in China, pho tiu is another food you cannot ignore. Different from white rice noodle, pho tiu is a perfect combination of special noodles used for cooking pho, sliced barbecue pork, roasted peanuts, dried onion, fresh vegetables, etc. They bring the tasty flavor which can totally catch your interest. In addition, Dong Xuan Market also offers many special foods such as Xuka porridge, pork rice gruel or shrimp rice noodle. The best time to visit this place is in the early morning.

Nghia Tan Market

Located in Cau Giay District which is home to many universities, this place is a favorite spot to almost students. There are lots of stalls selling affordable street foods. Coming to Cau Giay District, you should not skip Nghia Tan Market, the cheap noshes’ paradise.

Nghia Tan Market is widely famous for the best tofu. Just cost around VND 6 000, you can enjoy a tasty tofu dish that includes coconut milk, roasted peanut, dried coconut, etc. Walking around this market, you easily see some stalls offering grilled meat or Vietnamese bread with buttermilk. Especially, there are a wide variety of traditional foods such as oyster congee, rice dumpling, and vermicelli with fried tofu. They are very tasty and affordable.

Thanh Cong Market

When talking about the best street food destination, Thanh Cong Market may be the first one coming to your mind. This place has the tastiest street foods. Actually, it is very easy to find a stall selling Hanoi’s traditional foods to sweet porridge.

If you want to try the oyster congee, Thanh Cong Market must be your wonderful destination. Having the unique recipe, this food brings the delicate and attractive flavor. In addition to, you can also buy a delicious dish of sweet and sour salad. Local people use varied ingredients such as dried beef, oyster, and pork to make this food. In the severe cold days, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying fascinating dishes such as steamed sticky rice cake, hot youtiao or fried fermented pork roll. Since these food locations lie very closely together, it is a great idea to walk around and eat local food.